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The Twin Parish Port District of Iberia and Vermilion Parish sponsors economic development projects in and around the communities of Delcambre and Erath, Louisiana.

Bayou Carlin Cove’s Grand Opening Was A Huge Success!

The Grand Opening of Bayou Carlin Cove, Delcambre’s new boat dock, fishing pier, and pavilion, was an even bigger success than anticipated.

Even with a little rain, people came out in droves to enjoy the day's festivities. “We had one light rain shower. It lasted about 20 minutes,” Port of Delcambre Director Wendell Verret said. “There was one lightning strike that scared a few people, especially me,” he said with a laugh. Asked about the facility name, he said the Delcambre Canal was formerly known as Bayou Carlin. In fact, the name remains in the first line of Delcambre High School’s alma mater. So it was fitting that it be memorialized as the name for the new dock facility as "Bayou Carlin Cove."

As people came out to celebrate the Grand Opening, the parking lot was full and cars were lining up to get in. Numbers averaging around 3,500 people were in attendance, as families lined up with their ice chests waiting to purchase freshly caught shrimp straight from the boats. New Iberia resident and Physical Therapist, Michael Yoes, Jr. and his young son, Mason, reveled in the festivities as well. “I enjoyed taking my 6-year-old son to the docks to show him that the shrimp we enjoy eating doesn’t just come from the store, but from the water. It was great to take him to see the boats and meet the men who caught the shrimp and made it available for our table”, Yoes said.

Thomas Hymel, of the LSU AgCenter and the Port's Seafood Director, said the four boats, three of which were sold out, had sold more than 10,000 pounds of shrimp. With the aid of DelcambreDirectSeafood.com, the public was able to know when the shrimp boats would be in.

Shrimpers weren’t the only successful merchants of the day. The Delcambre Seafood and Farmers Market was set up under the new pavilion and local vendors had everything from freshly squeezed lemonade, homemade breads and hot sauces, to hand-crafted dolls and other artwork to sell. The large pavilion made it easy to find everything you were looking for in one spot and also served as an escape from the brief showers. Karyn Veazey of Lafayette said, “The coverage of the pavilion really cools things down and the breeze from the water is a welcome change compared to the heat of the sun. Makes shopping a lot more comfortable.”
Food vendors were also on hand serving up delicious hamburgers, crab cakes and of course fried shrimp to the hungry crowd, as live music by several local bands played from the start of the market until close. “All around it was a very successful day. It’s so great to finally see it happen,” said Port Director Wendell Verret. “You expect a certain image in your mind and then when it happens, it’s better than you imagined. It’s exactly what we were hoping for.”

Commission, Staff and Partners
Wendell R. Verret, Port Director
Tammy Gordon, Community Relations Coordinator
Monica Theriot, Administrative Assistant

Clince Waguespack, President, Iberia Parish
Glen Crappel, Vice-President, Delcambre
Donald Menard, Secretary-Treasurer, Erath
Connie Landry, Vermilion Parish
Jim Wiggins, Delcambre
Wayne Bell, Iberia Parish
Greg Touchet, Vermilion Parish
Jacob Landry, Vermilion Parish
Mike Reeser, Delcambre

Delcambre Direct Seafood
Thomas Hymel, Program Director
Anne Dugas, Assistant Program Director
Monica Theriot, Fishermen Coordinator
Rebecca Comeaux, Program Registration

North Pier Marina
Monica Theriot, Cruisers Manager
Harold "T-Boy" Renard, Dock Master
Brady Segura, Patrol Boat Captain
Jim Kenworthy, Maintenance Supervisor

Farmers Market
Brittany Gordon, Market Manager
Iberia Development Foundation
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Healthy Eating Initiative